Multimedia Knowledge & Spreading

Vertical Publisher, born in 1995 in order to create technical books for the multimedia sector (video, audio, photo, digital cinema, web), chose immediately, as a peculiar feature, to use a clear and easy language, nevertheless maintaining rigour depth of contents.
And this answers the diffused and increasing availability of many media – especially digital ones – that are not supported with the necessary competences and papers for their complete and acquainted use. In fact the aforesaid media, even if with an easy functionality, are based on very advanced devices and technological solutions that one has to know at least at a first level for home use, as well as to understand and to deep for professional use.
Since its beginning, the market has rewarded the strategic choice of Vertical Publisher, because its books have showed a turning point in the publications of this filed, so become popular both in the amateur and professional sectors. Besides that, many schools and universities have adopted them. Moreover these books are now included in the catalog of Anaya Group based in Madrid, for the Spanish and Latin American market.

The Vertical Publisher books are available in every national bookshops, distributed by Libro Co. Italia s.r.l., Via Borromeo 48, 50026 San Casciano Val di Pesa (Firenze), Tel. 0039-055-8229414, Fax. 0039-055-8294603,



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